Friday, April 3, 2015

Dessert in an egg shell (not all things are as they seem...)

Oh wowza you guys...has it really been this long since I have posted? Forgive me, but this month has just been flying by. I say that every time I leave for a random period of time, don't I?! Well, it is what it is (that is my husbands new favorite saying, and I really despise it, and here I am using it to make excuses).

Anyways I'll get straight to the point of this post which is...have you thought about what you were going to make for Dessert this Easter Sunday! Well search no further because if you like custard, and if you like mango, than you'll really truly like this...I ain't lyin!

Plus, I always love something that plays tricks on your eye. You know those optical illusions (like these or even better these) where it looks like one thing, then all of a sudden it's something else, and your mind is officially blown!

This dessert is sort of like that...where it looks like a cooked egg inside a shell BUT then you taste it and it's actually custard with a mango puree (I know, I know...right?!)

So here's the how to:
(while your cooking your eggs...I made the custard which literally takes about 2 minutes...)
(while the custard was in the fridge, firming up a bit...I made the puree)
^^^ She is totally feelin' it ^^^

8-10 large eggs

prepare egg shell: preheat oven to 200 degrees. Place a cooling rack over a baking tray. Crack the egg by tapping them with a spoon (or I used a egg pin) right on the pointed end. Barely peel away and pour egg out (reserve two for later use). Wash the shells with warm water and place upside down on the cooking rack. Cook for 20 minutes to sterilize the shells.

1 cup milk (or heavy cream)
1/4 cup sugar
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1/4 tsp. vanilla

***in a small saucepan whisk together milk and sugar. Heat until the milk is hot but not boiling. Remove from heat and gradually (while whisking constantly) pour reserved two eggs into the milk. Don't pour to quickly otherwise it'll get clumpy. Return to medium heat and let thicken (until it's a bit bubbly). Remove from heat and add vanilla. Pour custard into cooled egg shells and put in fridge to harden.

Mango "yolk"
1 medium mango
2-3 TBS sugar
1/4 tsp. lemon juice

***cut mango in chunks and puree the flesh with sugar and lemon juice. Transfer to a piping bag or a zip block bag (cut the corner). When the custards are firm spoon a tiny bit out to make a little hole for the mango puree to go. Pipe in the mango and return to fridge until your ready to devour them :-).

Happy Easter you all! 

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Making Colorful Chocolate Bark...

Could anything be better then painting and chocolate? I mean, I know there are far better things but during this very moment that answer is no. :-)

I melted a bag of white chocolate,pulled out the paint brushes and gel food dye...then went to town. It's like spring has sprung on each little broken piece!

I have to say that getting artsy is something I always try to make time for, even if the times are getting farther and fewer. It's an outlet for me, and something fun I can do with my girls. I don't want to neglect that simply because I "dont' have time" here is to doing more things that make you happy and also eating more chocolate along the way! lol

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

keep Portland weird...

Supposedly the motto for the City of Roses (aka Portland) is "Keep Portland Weird" which I found pretty ironic considering there was nothing weird about it. Well, I mean, unless gorgeous trees and vegetation, delicious food, amazing waterfalls and landscape, a great skyline and pretty awesome thrift weird?! Occasionally we saw some "interesting" people, but thats anywhere you go, right?

My sister and I flew up to interview Katie (the mind behind  Puj) at her amazing new warehouse/office for my desire to inspire series which I will talk ALL about soon enough...

But, anyways we were only there for two days so we had to fit as much in as we possibly could! I promised myself that next time I go to Oregon, I have to venture out to the coast b/c supposedly the beaches are amazing! We just didn't have enough time.

So within those 48 hours (thanks to my traveling partner Paige, who wrote out a whole itinerary) we got a lot in and I thought I'd share some of my favorite spots we saw and ate at!

-roast beef sandwich at knuckles sandwich 
-Lan Su Chinese Garden
-Japanese Gardens (two different gardens both so gorgeous and serene...)
-Multinomah Falls (bring along your camera, you'll want it!)
-drove around Kingston Avenue and drooled over all the beautifully charming homes
-toured the ever so interesting Pittock Mansion
-and you have to hit up Voodoo donuts just because it's a Portland staple and they're pretty yummy!
-Screen Door for breakfast (get there early because there was a nice long line waiting for use and supposedly it's always that way)
-Portland LDS Temple

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentines Day Cake with a whole lotta' hearts

I haven't gotten around to posting anything for Valentines Day (see previous vday shenanigans here) which makes me sad because it really is one of my favorite holidays!

So to feel like I haven't slacked completely, here's a fun idea (and super simple) for anyone who wants to add a touch of love to their valentines treats. You could do this on cupcakes, or cookies too. They look like tiny little hearts (some a little more skiwampus than others ha) and my Sagey girl actually thought I hand did each and every single one of them. I may or may not have told her that I didn't.

Sometimes, there's something slightly satisfactory about making people think something took you waaaaaay longer than it really did. :-)

All you need is:
-a frosted cake of your choice (I used this recipe but used small rectangular pans)
-decorating gel (you can find it in the baking isle)
-a container of frosting (yep, it's the pre-made kind)
***if you want to make a small felt ball banner I got mine from Hello Maypole

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